Troy Hawke etiquette EV charging campaign to run again over May Bank Holiday

Gridserve is to continue using internet celebrity greeter Troy Hawke to encourage motorists to use electric vehicle chargepoints more considerately, especially at busy travel periods.

In a video produced by the electric chargepoint operator, Troy – known for complimenting passers-by in his distinctive 1930s smoking jacket – urges drivers to avoid queue jumping, not to “dock-block” when they have finished charging, to let other motorists know how long they are going to be, and to help less experienced car users work the equipment.

Gridserve ran the publicity campaign, filmed at Moto’s Exeter services on the M5, over the Easter weekend and plans to use it again during the May Bank Holiday. 

Gridserve’s campaign also advises customers not to stay longer than is necessary in a charging bay. “Remember that charging power will slow after 80% thanks to your car’s charging curve, which means by trying to add those few extra miles you could be stopping someone else from connecting,” it states. “It’s quicker for you in the long run to head off and recharge again later when you can top up faster again.”

Motorists should also only use a higher power charger if they are short of time. Those with longer to stop might consider using standard chargers to free up the faster machines for those in a hurry, it says.

Errol Flynn lookalike Troy Hawke is the creation of comedian Milo McCabe, who won fame when his clips went viral during lockdown.