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An AA Car Finance poll of more than 12,000 drivers found that out of those in the market for a car this year, just 16% are looking to buy an EV — down marginally from 18% in 2022. Meanwhile, 84% of those surveyed are considering a new or used petrol or diesel car for their next purchase.

Yonder conducted an online sample of 12,110 UK adults aged 18-65-plus between December 11 and December 18, 2023. It found that one in six drivers (16%) intend to replace their vehicle in 2024, despite the cost-of-living crisis causing many to tighten the purse strings. To afford a new vehicle, one in six (16%) drivers will turn to car financing, 8% will use a personal loan and 6% will lease their next car. Meanwhile, three out of five drivers (61%) plan to pay for their next car with cash up front.