Chris Skidmore

Chris Skidmore

A review of how the country should deliver its commitment to net zero by 2050 has been launched by the government.

Former energy minister Chris Skidmore MP has been appointed by the prime minister to chair a three-month review to ensure the commitment is met in an economically efficient way.

One of the main strands of the government’s strategy is phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles.

Speaking at the Business Green ‘Net Zero Festival’ in London, Skidmore announced a month-long call for evidence aimed at the public, businesses and local authorities, giving them a chance to share their views on the green transition.

People will have the chance to offer their views on a range of topics, on everything from how cutting people’s carbon footprint will affect their everyday lives, to how reaching net zero will be paid for and what more can be done to capitalise on it to grow the UK’s economy.

Other topics will include:

  • the opportunities and measures needed to support the transition to net zero, in a way that also supports economic growth and job creation;
  • the challenges and obstacles to decarbonising, for households and businesses;
  • what more can be done to support consumers and businesses to cut their emissions.

Skidmore said: “Everyone in the country has a stake in the UK’s transition to net zero. It doesn’t matter if you live in Argyle or Aberystwyth, Carlyle or Canterbury, our lives will need to change, whether that means the way we travel to work, heat our homes or run our factories.

“The decisions and actions we take today will impact consumers, employees and businesses alike, in cities, town and rural communities all over the country. That’s why I want to hear the views of as many people as possible over the next month.

“I want to ensure that net zero isn’t just viewed as the right thing to do for our environment, but becomes an essential driver of economic growth – and a win-win for Britain and the world.”