MFG Bell Bar

MFG has submitted a revised application to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council for development of its Bell Bar Service Station in Hatfield.

In February 2023, the company sought permission for the “creation of charging zone, erection of EV chargers, erection of canopy, sub-station enclosure and associated forecourt works” on part of the site. Since then MFG has decided it wanted to include jet wash facilities and an EV testing centre.

Its new application would see the demolition of a bungalow on the land and creation of an EV charging zone as well as three enclosed jet wash bays. There would be four EV chargers under a canopy that would be constructed out of a transparent material.

In addition, MFG has applied for ‘change of use’ of the current workshop, which it wants to turn into a test centre, to test EV charging machines.

There were concerns about parking provision in the original application and these have been addressed, with the revised plan including seven parking spaces located around the forecourt (three next to woodland, two next to the proposed EV chargers and two next to the jet wash facilities). Furthermore, two parking spaces are provided within the compound associated with the proposed EV testing building (the former vehicle workshop). As such, it believes that sufficient parking facilities are provided at the site for staff and customer use.