TLM has confirmed the completion of the roll-out of its evoPOS solution to MFG’s entire estate.

Starting in October 2019, the first phase of the project converted 473 sites to evoPOS, followed by phase two – the install of evoPOS to MFG’s existing Iridium2 (legacy Oracle system) estate – at a further 445 sites.

In addition, all sites were linked to the evoHeadOffice solution – allowing MFG to control product ranging, pricing and promotions across its estate.

Working with its partners, Oxhoo, Celestra, PLM Global and MDT, the project was completed by TLM in May and saw:

  • 918 sites upgraded;
  • 1,604 evoPOS installed;
  • 918 back offices installed.

The average store closure time was just over two hours.

Paresh Patel, IT director at MFG, said: “We are delighted with the evoPOS rollout across our entire estate. It’s reliable with a modern user interface that needs minimal training on. It has all the functions and features we need to deliver great customer service and, at the same time, it allows us to easily control product ranging, pricing and promotions across our entire estate.”

Bob Laidlaw, operations director at TLM Technologies, said: “We learnt many lessons on the journey, not least how to cope with two national lockdowns, critical stock being delayed by congestion at Felixstowe container port, new import restrictions as a result of Brexit, a global shortage of semiconductors and to top it all – the equipment earmarked for the final tranche of sites being marooned on the Ever Given in the Suez Canal. We are therefore extremely proud that we still delivered this project ahead of time and exceeded customer expectations.”

TLM has now begun to install the pilot phase of its evoBackOffice solution to MFG sites – this will enable them to aggregate data from all their back-office systems.