Steve Berrow, Berrow Zeice

Steve Berrow

A UK inventor claims to have developed a zero-emissions hydrogen fuel system that can be applied to any diesel or petrol engine, with the support of Innovate UK.

Steve Berrow’s company, Berrow-Zeice, received a grant of just under £50,000 from Innovate UK last year and has converted and commercialised a large power generator.

He said this paved the way for commercial rollout across static and mobile applications, including all combustion engine cars and commercial vehicles.

With current zero-emission vehicles running on either lithium batteries or hydrogen cells, he said building new automobiles still carries a significant environmental impact. Moreover, the cost of hydrogen cells for the consumer is prohibitive.

He added: “Berrow-Zeice’s hydrogen fuel technology will revolutionize the industry and reduce the damaging impact of harmful emissions like NOx and other unburned toxins in the breathable environment, which will have a significant positive impact on public health and the environment at large.”

Berrow expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating: “It’s a thing of great beauty to see an engine running with no air intake and no exhaust. The practical applications are immense and will be a huge boost in reducing carbon emissions.”

Berrow-Zeice is now seeking investment to fund the rollout, and says there is a potential to convert two billion internal combustion engines that are driving around on roads worldwide.