BP BOC hydrogen refuelling

BP has become the latest oil company to join a collaboration aiming to support development and large-scale deployment of hydrogen-fuelled trucking.

Shell and Total Energies are both members of H2Accelerate, which aims to promote the use of hydrogen-powered trucks across Europe, and whose members also include truck manufacturers Volvo and Daimler Group and hydrogen producers such as Linde.

Hannah Bryson-Jones, spokesperson for H2Accelerate, commented: “BP has extensive experience and expertise across the deployment of hydrogen production and refuelling technologies. Combining that expertise with other hydrogen refuelling players and truck manufacturers, through the H2Accelerate collaboration, we can work together to accelerate the dawn of hydrogen trucking. We are very excited for BP to be joining the collaboration as we shape the transformation towards sustainable transportation.”

Emma Delaney, BP’s EVP, customers and product, said: “BP is transitioning from an international oil company to an integrated energy company and having a key role in mobility. Hydrogen will be a key energy for heavy duty transport supporting carbon emissions reduction. To deliver this at both scale and pace will need companies across industries to work together, and this is exactly why we see collaborations like H2Accelerate as so valuable.”

In a statement BP said it was determined to advance the hydrogen industry, adding: “By working across a number of our businesses, we intend to provide customers the use of – and access to – hydrogen along main road networks.”